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AirPen® Color Dispenser Usage Instructions

The AirPen® Color Dispenser is a hand-held, air powered dispenser for drawing fine decorative details or for filling intricate areas. Paint, glues, glazes and other viscous mediums are effortlessly dispensed by placing a finger over the flow control hole. The patented AirPen® is drip-free and supplied with a 110V air pump.

You may download AirPen Color Dispenser usage instructions in PDF format: AirPen Color Dispenser

To Operate

  1. Grip cartridge by Quick-Change™ seal and twist to remove from dispenser. Pour desired contents into cartridge to about 2/3 full. Insert a foam plug in the end of the cartridge to ensure the dispenser and air passages remain clean.

  2. Twist cartridge into dispenser body for a friction fit. Plug in the air pump, then remove the red storage tip and twist on a dispensing tip. The suction from the AirPen prevents the cartridge from dripping when changing tips. Dispenser is now ready to use and should be held with tip pointing downward so contents do not flow back into air passages.

  3. Touch the tip to the surface. Lightly cover the entire area of the flow control hole with forefinger to begin dispensing. Lift forefinger to stop dispensing. The dispensing speed is increased/decreased by:
    1. varying fingertip pressure over the hole or
    2. changing the tip size or
    3. adjusting the regulator knob

  4. When alternating cartridges, temporarily place in a coffee cup with the tip pointed into a moistened cloth.

  5. To end operation:
    1. Remove tip and replace with red storage tip
    2. Remove cartridge from dispenser
    3. Unplug power cord and
    4. Remove foam plug. Insert storage plug at end, or clean as noted below.

To Clean

  1. Clean parts thoroughly after each use. Soak tips, foam plugs, and followers (NOTE: followers only available in Studio and Pro models) in water when alternating cartridges and prior to cleaning.

  2. Remove tip or storage cap from cartridge. Empty contents with plunger. Use plunger to pull water into cartridge and flush thoroughly.

  3. Tips may be cleaned in a similar manner by attaching tip onto cartridge and flushing with water.

  4. Never soak or submerge electric pump in water.

AirPen Cartridge

AirPen Dispenser

Patent No. 5579960
The AirPen is fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from purchase date. Include a copy of invoice receipt and mail to: Silkpaint Corporation, 18220 Waldron Dr., Waldron, MO 64092. Telephone 800-563-0074.