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From the new Aquarius DesignsSusan Shie

Turtle Moon Studios and Etsy Shop

Susan is an incredible artist, quilter, and teacher. Her work is a riot of color and imagination. Along with teaching quilting techniques and fabric painting, Susan also has classes for the AirPen. Please take a moment and visit the Turtle Moon Studio Web site and take a peek at her upcoming classes.

"I used to embellish my work with not only huge amounts of hand stitching, but also lots and lots of tiny glass beads. It took many months to finish most of my pieces then. But now I prefer to let the detail created by my AirPen writing and drawing to be what intrigues the viewer, and the sewing has become very secondary to the painted composition in my current work. This switching to machine quilting is because I've realized that it's the storytelling: the pictures and the writing, which are important to me. Not how the piece is sewn, not the texture. Anyhow, the tiny writing itself makes a new texture, which I'm enjoying exploring the strengths of, when you consider that the viewer may not read it at all."


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