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Customer Testimonials

"I must tell you how much I LOVE this AirPen!!! I am a fine arts painter whose work is primarily composed of very tiny complex lines and dots. The problem is the arthritis in my hands. I used to use regular syringes to achieve the fine lines andor dots...until the toll on my hands was so severe I could hardly use them. Then I obtained one of your wonderful AirPens! I absolutely love it, don't think I could work without it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Linda Markuly Szilvasy, B.A., M.A.

"Thank you for rushing my new AirPen. I use it everyday and it makes my job so much easier. What a wonderful product."
Debby Gilbert, Westminster, MD

"The AirPen® is fabulous!"
Peggoty Christenson, Phoenix, AZ

"I think it's pretty cool since I have multiple arthritis conditions and prevously could not do any of the types (of) painting the AirPen® was designed for."
Sandra Luck, Raytown, MO

"Your wonderful, fabulous AirPen has changed the way I I can draw with a freedom I've never experienced - I can move as fluidly and rapidly as I want to and my designs are more intricate because I never have to stop due to wrist and hand fatigue. Thank you so very much for this most precious tool."
Victoria Rabinowe, Santa Fe, NM

"Silkpaint!® Resist in black and clear is the only product I use in my production art studio for which I would NEVER substitute brand. It is a unique formulation - toxic-free, consistently high quality, extremely useful."
Olivia Batchelder, Laguna Beach, CA

Olivia Batchelder is an award-winning designer who has explored silk painting for over two decades. She has created thousands of paintings, scarves, and garments on silk. Her designs have been used commercially for linens, gift-wrap, and apparel. Her paintings on silk hang in numerous private collections.

"Silkpaint!® Brand Water-Soluble Resist is the most reliable, versatile resist for silk. I use it exclusively for fine lines as well as broader areas."
Jason Pollen, Artist, Designer, Kansas City Art Institute, Fiber Dept. Chair.

"I can't say enough about the wonderful AirPen®. Intricate details that normally took me two days to complete with a quill pen or a cup pen now take only a few hours."
Ruthie Bard, Weiser, ID

"Because of having Fibromyalgia, my hands ache all the time. The AirPen makes it possible for me to get back into fabric dyeing and designing - something I never thought would happen."
AnnMarie Wilson, Garland, TX